Check Out These Weekend Getaways Around Ensenada

Weekends beckon travel. The weekend getaways from Ensenada are many which can help fulfill your insatiable wanderlust. In order, to overcome the hustle bustle of city life it becomes important that we go on short trips. Moreover, there are many getaways for a short itinerary. Let us unravel beautiful weekend getaways from Ensenada which are splendid and mesmerizing.

weekend getaways from ensenada

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Ensenada is a beautiful coastal city in Mexico and also the third largest in Baja California. The City is known for being a cruise ship destination, aerospace centre jumping-off point and a local wine region called Valle de Guadalupe. While the city itself can keep you busy for the whole weekend there are few weekend getaways from Ensenada which are worth visiting.

While Ensenada itself has enough to keep you fully occupied for weekends, the nearby excursions are worth visiting. Valle de Guadalupe is Mexico’s famous wine region. The place is now known to be a home to over 120 wineries as well as a number of Campestre farm-to-table restaurants. One can spend a relaxing day indulging in wine tasting with Baja Test Kitchen. They can come and pick you up directly from your hotel in Ensenada.

Ojos Negros is another exciting and unique weekend getaways from Ensenada. In order to reach this destination head east on Mexico 3 (toward San Felipe, not Tecate) to the Valle de Ojos Negros. This place is famous for Rancho La Campana and their cheese cave. The cheese cave is known as La Cava de Marcelo and it Baja’s top cheese producers. The place is worth taking a tour. The day tour will take you to through the dirt farm and cheese cave. Moreover, you can enjoy cheese and wine over there. Food is also served over there, which can be enjoyed in the mesmerising setting underneath beautiful trees at the picnic tables. The place will let you embrace nature in a perfect way.

Las Cañadas another day excursion which can be enjoyed with your family. You can enjoy the water park with its adventurous zip lines, water-slides, pools, paddle boats, horseback riding, and ATV riding. The place is also available for overnight camping. Another place which is worth a visit is La Bufadora which is a natural geyser. Moreover, the natural geyser shoots water up to 100 feet in the air. There is no entry fee to view the geyser. However, a fee is charged for parking. There are multiple food and souvenirs stall that line up the walkway down to La Bufadora. You can relish mouthwatering almejas gratinadas, au gratin clams, grilled with cheese and topped with tomatoes and salsa.

When you are staying in the coastal city, there are several Ensenada points of interest which you visit along with the day excursions. El Parque de la Bandera is known to cater to beautiful light and water show. You can enjoy a great evening of entertainment with a live band which plays over there along with the light and water show.

Bodegas de Santo Tomas is another famous winery which is worth visiting. It was founded in 1888 and is Baja’s oldest winery. The old tradition of Santo Tomas Mission’s wine-making still continues. It offers visitors samples of wines, bread and cheeses to savor. Another beautiful place which can be seen is Rivera del Pacifico, famous for its architectural beauty. The place was once a casino which is now open for visitors. The famous highlight is the tour of the humongous interiors of the white building.

While you are traveling it is an unsaid rule that you would go for some local shopping in Ensenada. There are two famous places which are a shoppers paradise. They are namely First Street and Avenida Lopez Mateos. The First Street is known to be lined with shops selling curio and several items which cost just under USD 5(MXN 120). This place is perfect for tourists who love shopping. The lovely shop owners are also very warm and receptive towards tourists.

Avenida Lopez Mateos is another place which is worth visiting in case you love shopping. The shopping street is lined with stores and shops selling things ranging from straw hats to wood carvings. Over the years, the place has seen incredible changes which are fetching. You can buy souvenirs and also relax and enjoy with food at lovely restaurants and eateries located at this avenue. Plaza Civica is Ensenada’s City centre known for featuring busts of three historical figures: Benito Juarez, Miguel Hidalgo and Venustiano Carranza. Moreover, the place is with visiting if you are inclined towards history. You can educate yourself about the place by visiting the local historical sites. Basically, it is good jumping off point to begin the city tour.

Plan your short trip to Ensenada and enjoy a break away from your hectic schedule with your family and loved ones.

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